About the academy

Established in 2019, Shunyu Academy is an extension of Shunyu Charitable Foundation (a licensed non-profit making organisation) to build a social enterprise with the service orientation of "community knowledge, neighborhood benefit". Based on the principle of mutual assistance and mutual learning, Shunyu Academy actively promotes the participation of members of the community in voluntary work, and after 2013, public welfare undertakings have steadily expanded to the Greater China region.
Public welfare spreads to the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.
Sunny Charity Foundation was established in Hong Kong based on public welfare
Launched a volunteer talent training program
Officially launched the "Shunyu Academy" project
Shunyu mission
Shunyu mission
Shunyu mission

Shunyu mission

With its mission of community knowledge and for the benefit of neighbouring communities, Shunyu Academy provides diversified volunteer training and community care services to the Greater China community and its members.Shunyu Academy encourage community members (including the youth, workforce, elderly, and special needs communities) to participate in volunteer training to explore their potential and community value, thus enhancing their personal development.Through community networks and volunteer force, we hope to channel the spirit of mutual help and understanding from adjacent groups and institutions to benefit neighbouring communities.

Shunyu value

Based on the principle of mutual assistance and learning, "Shunyu Academy" actively promotes the participation of community members in voluntary work. The basic values are roughly as follows:

External – Accomplish a kind act.
Internal – Self-enhancement.
Inside & Outside – Improve the community
Do a good deedCommunity proofSelf-appreciation

Sunny Taiwan Cooperation Organization

Shunyu Academy volunteers in Taiwan currently cooperate with the following organizations to achieve the purpose of serving the people, if the public or related public welfare organizations want to cooperate with Shunyu Academy, welcome to leave a message for negotiation.

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